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Not good

GuzmaYa responds:

Holy shit it’s helix

Love the melodies and overall composition. Mixing could use a bit of work but pretty good overall. Gl! :D

johnfn responds:

ty qt!

The only thing that stands out to me is the vocal chop in the 2nd drop because it seems a bit too loud, but other than that it's actually pretty solid. Congratulations on getting a gd remix featured that isn't aids.

DemonicNobility responds:

Thanks for your feedback, been listening to your tracks a lot recently(love the xtrullor collab!). I'll keep that in mind when using that sample haha. And yeah i totally agree about the gd remixes(cough electrodynamix v2 remixes)...

Lockyn= bad

Lockyn responds:


I've heard better sounds come out of my deceased fucking cat Darla. The mixing sounds about like you put the tracks on dvds and then proceeded to use a blender to mix them. Your composition sounds like that of a child learning to play the recorder in 1st grade music class trying to create a melody by blowing into it with his ass. There's so many clashing frequencies you effectively recreated the fucking crusades and the reverb makes it sound like I'm in a catholic church being raped by my preist, which represents my overall feeling throughout this entire track. Uninstall FL and pursue better job fields as you are clearly incapable of creating music that doesn't imitate the feeling of having your ears penetrated by your stillborn fetus.

Best regards,
HeliXiX :)

gyrofieldmusic responds:


The arrangement is well done but that's about it. It sounds as if you spent barely any time on the mixing and the sound design radiates 'beginner'. Your sample selection could also use work. Also, next time I'd recommend changing the bpm from the default bpm to something more fitting like 140-160.

I love the song! The drop could use work. Maybe (and this is just me tossing ideas around) but add some unison to your basses to give them a wider sound? A bit more variation would be nice too.

HeliXiX's part was better tbh 8)

Awesome track! The only thing I see that needs more work is the arrangement, as some parts sound a bit messy. Love the sound design and melodies. Also good mixing.

KaixoMusic responds:

Thanks!! Sometimes messy sound good, but it's definitely not perfect, it can always be improved.


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